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CALL and BOOK an APPOINTMENT. TEL: 07563 851811 (Mon/Fri-9am-6pm)

This is a Custom Product Service adaptable to you the customer and your requirements. A hand-made and tailored product. Have your frame, forks and cranks protective wrapped in a single visit. Road, Mountain or Electric Bike. We can cover it.

Unfortunately, this product is not suitable for anodized aluminium material finishes.

Xpel and 3M paint protection films have excellent optical clarity due to being manufactured onto a more expensive polymer backing sheet rather than the cheaper paper backed films, meaning they are virtually invisible when fitted correctly. Xpel and 3M are world leaders in ensuring your paint still looks good while protected.

Xpel's advanced clear coat (Outer Membrane) can heal and repair itself. Xpel show that light scuffs and scratches can be easily removed by simply pouring hot water onto the affected area to leave a trouble free finish in moments. Xpel films also protect against oil, sweat, grime and should remain resistant to yellow staining.

Richard Scott Design use only the most durable protective paint protection films available to the industry.

Customers pay £29.99 DEPOSIT on a FULL FRAME WRAP at RICHARD SCOTT DESIGN when we receive your order via TELEPHONE and arrange an appointment/agree an allotted day/time slot for the work to be completed. All details of the extent of the wrap can be discussed at this point if at all unclear. OR, customers can place a deposit here, online and we will telephone them to confirm the order and arrange the appointment. Any cancellation must be made no later than 24hrs from appointed time slot to be valid for a refund.

Still unsure? Call: 07563 851811 and speak to a member of our team in person.

Preferably Bicycles arrive in a new and unused condition.

Bicycles should arrive at Richard Scott Design in excellent condition, without damage, without contamination to the paint surfaces, without polishes and silicone coatings. This product is not suitable for anodized aluminium material finishes.

The Pricing below is a guide to costs as some customers do not require Full Frame Protection and choose to protect only parts of the frame at a reduced cost.

Pricing begins at:

£20 protective wrap a crank-arm set.


£30 protective wrap a MTB suspension fork.


Protective wrap a standard metal, round tubed, hard-tail bicycle frame. Sizes Small, Medium and Large £90.    Sizes XL and XXL £100.


Protective wrap a hydro-formed alloy or carbon fibre hard-tail bicycle frame. Sizes Small, Medium and Large £100.     Size XL and XXL £110.


Protective wrap an Aluminium Full Suspension MTB frame. Sizes Small, Medium and Large £110.    Size XL and XXL £120.


Protective wrap a Carbon Fibre Full Suspension MTB frame. Sizes Small, Medium and Large £120.    Size XL  and XXL £130.


A professional service from Richard Scott Design. Five years of experience wrapping hundreds of bicycle frames and components using the world's finest paint protection films. We've also manufactured kits for fitters in the U.K.


Allow us to protect your investment using high quality materials from Xpel and 3M. World leaders in paint protection films.


Bicycles can be delivered and returned personally or through U.K courier services. Delivery/return costs to be incurred by the customer.

Working in conjunction with customers can deliver/return their bicycles directly to the shop at: 14-18, Rochdale Road East, Heywood, OL10 4DX. Sales and services available in store.

Customer Notice: Decals being applied by Richard Scott Design during the wrapping process should be ordered no later than 4 working days from the bicycles appointed time slot. Allowing design and printing time. Thank you.



A semi-permanent product which will protect the paint finish underneath it from Abrasion, Scuffs, Scratches, Stone Chips and Paint Fade. Protects from unsightly damage and maximises resale value. Bicycle Skin does not protect against larger impacts that cause dents and cracks, although your paint may still be scratch free.

This product is designed to be kept clean by simply washing and maintaining.

Xpel and 3M vinyls are designed and manufactured to be fitted to a smooth, accurately painted vehicle surface that is free from high/low spots created by decals, stickers or graphics.