CLEAR MOTO-X LAMINATE (300mic Thickness) MATTE, GLOSS. DRY FIT (preferable).

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WARNING! Unsuitable for application to an Anodized finish.

Dry fitment (preferable), requiring heat/warmth allowing the vinyl to become malable to manipulate around tubes and corners.

300 MICRONS THICK MOTO-X Laminate/Stone Shield. Available in Matte and Gloss finish. This clear protective vinyl is extremely durable and has been developed to protect Moto-X graphics from abuse when racing.

FREE MASKING VINYL. Each customer order will recieve an equal amount of masking vinyl to be used to create template shapes before transfering to the Moto-X protection film. The masking vinyl has low tack adhesive and is a semi-translucent material that can be cut easily to make a pattern template for the protective wrap. Use the low tack masking, lay it onto the frame/components to work out how best to design your wrap. Once your happy with the template shape, transfer to the high quality Moto-X film, cut out and fit.



Richard Scott has been wrapping Bicycle frames using this vinyl for over five years. Using it where it really matters. Underneath the Down-Tube and also at the rear of the bike where shoe heels can rub through thinner materials quite quickly and start to damage the paint finish. We have been applying the Moto-X laminate to the seat and chain stays of most bikes for this reason, if the rider runs flat peddles and is not clipped in.

For best results this product usually requires the gentle heat/warm air of a hand held heat-gun/hair-dryer to bring it to a good workable condition to be applied to a bike frame. Usually applied dry (professionally).