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This RS RIDER.I.D. comes complete with matching name tags for either side of the bike, crash helmet or vehicle. The flag of your country will lead the way forward on each side of the bike and helmet, making sure you look good and are easily identifiable.

Customers should choose a FLAG to represent their country. Note! Other flags can be added instead of country identification. Also, longer names will inevitably reduce the amount space for our own Logos on the sticker sheet.

  • IMPORTANT. Please ensure all names are spelled correctly.
  • International Signed and Tracked postage for your peace of mind.
  • Digitally Printed Latex. High Grade Vinyl. Durable bold colours.
  • Over laminated (gloss/matte) Smooth outer protection/durabilty.
  • CNC Digitally cut for a crisp, accurate decal edges.
  • Stand out from the crowd at the trail and posting on-line!
  • Revitalise your bike and how it makes you feel.
  • Feel good about how your bike looks!
  • Go Ride!
  • Cause a Ruckus!