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RR 400 MICRON MOTO-X GRADE (PAINT PROTECTOR) decal kits. Manufactured from SUBSTANCE High Tac adhesive print vinyl for a secure connection to metal/plastic/carbon/painted products. SUBSTANCE MOTO-X clear over laminate protection for a tough durable finish. Designed for use in extreme sports. The best available, proven in competition and not to be mistaken with less expensive products. SUBSTANCE are WORLD LEADERS in LSE adhesive technology printing for Mountain Bikes, Motocross, Karting, Helmets, Winter sports and much more.

The CLEAR VINYL option has transparent areas. Printed black on clear vinyl. Frame colour will show through around the art and these are suited to lighter colour of bicycle. Not suitable for black frames.

The SOLID VINYL option has no areas that are transparent. No frame colour will show through and these are suited to any colour of bicycle. Especially black Frames.

Our PPF kits include Down Tube, Rear Stays, Seat Tube and an extendable Top Tube PPF.


  • International Signed and Tracked postage for your peace of mind.
  • Digitally Printed. SUBSTANCE 150micron Grade Vinyl. Durable bold colours.
  • MOTO-X Over laminate SUBSTANCE 250micron (gloss/matte)
  • Smooth tough outer protection/durability.
  • CNC Digitally cut for a crisp, accurate decal edges.
  • Stand out from the crowd at the trail and posting on-line!
  • Revitalise your bike and how it makes you feel.
  • Feel good about how your bike looks!
  • Go Ride!
  • Cause a Ruckus!

This is an example of what we do here at Richard Scott Design. If you are looking for something new and unique, contact us directly and speak to us about putting your ideas into reality. Thank you