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Xpel, a professional product used to protect some of the most expensive paint finishes in the world.

FREE LAYOUT VINYL. Each customer order will receive an equal amount of masking vinyl to be used to create template shapes before transferring to the Xpel protection film. The masking vinyl has low tack adhesive and is also a transparent material and can be cut easily to make a pattern template/shape for the protective wrap. Use the low tack layout vinyl, lay it onto the frame/components to create the shapes for your wrap. Once you're happy with the template shape, peel it off and transfer the shape to the high quality Xpel film, cut out and fit.

Wet or dry application methods.

XPEL ULTIMATE (Self Healing) Stone Shield is one of the world finest Paint Protection Films. XPEL Ultimate has excellent optical clarity and is almost invisible on the applied surface when fitted correctly. 


Light scuffs that have not pierced the outer self healing membrane can be regenerated. XPEL self healing properties can be activated by simply pouring hot water over the scuffed area to bring the material surface new life.